Red Primer for Children and Diplomats


Since 1917 the "liberation" of the world by the Soviets has been moving along. The Ukraine was liberated in 1918, Georgia in 1921. In 1939, with Hitler as an ally, the pace accelerated. First came the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Then parts of Finland, and in 1940 Bessarabia and Bukovina, were unshackled from Mother Rumania. The same occurred to eastern Poland and northern East Prussia.

Then Hitler changed the script in 1941 and put a temporary stop to the unchaining, but friendship with the West got the liberation train rolling again and gave the Soviets an opportunity to perfect their strategy.

Poland became an ally of the West, but the section liberated by Russia stayed that way. From allied Czechoslovakia the Soviets set at liberty the Carpathian Ruthenia; and from allied China the province of Tannu-Tuva, the Manchurian railroads, Dairen and Port Arthur. Not wishing to be accused of taking only from friends, Russia hastily tore up its non-aggression pact with Japan after the Nipponese were beaten, declared war and annexed Southern Sakhalin and the entire string of Kuril islands.

But emancipation was not always accomplished by formal annexation. In one year, 1945, Russia liberated friendly Poland (what was left of it), the balance of Czechoslovakia, eastern Germany, Hungary, the remains of Rumania, Bulgaria, friendly Yugoslavia and Albania. In Asia, Mongolia and northern Korea were taken into the "Peace Camp" the same way.

China was liberated in 1949 and then did some unchaining of its own. In. 1950 Tibet was unfettered, and in 1954 northern Viet Nam. In 1959 some parts of India were joined to Tibet, which has been a subject of continuous liberation.

The "Peace Camp" followers have now managed to "liberate" about 800 million people and five and one-half million square miles of land. And the tide is still rolling. The "deliverance" of Cuba by Castro has been acknowledged as a Communist opening a wedge in the Western Hemisphere. In other Latin American countries, in new and old African states and in Asia, "progress" is very promising. And when the world is all one slave camp, there is always outer space!

Pleasant dreams children ... diplomats ... and politicians.

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